More than 45 students from HSNU (Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University), one of the top high schools in Taiwan, visited Archbishop Riordan High school on Monday, November 5 for a cultural exchange which included visits to Riordan’s STEM and music classes.

Archbishop Riordan High School is San Francisco’s oldest all-boys high school, with 700 students, located right across the street from City College. The school also has an international boarding program with 40 students from nine countries, including Taiwan, and is one of a few boarding programs located in a major US city.

“This was a great day to welcome students from HNSU,” said Riordan’s principal Mr. Timothy Reardon. “We already have an international presence with our boarding program, but our students learned a lot about high school education in Taiwan from the visiting students. We hoped the HSNU students learned how Riordan places a great value on educating the whole student, from our advanced science and math classes, to opportunities to perform in our theater, to playing music and participating in service projects with the community.”

At the opening ceremony students sang songs and Riordan students recited a welcome greeting in Mandarin. Following an exchange of gifts from both countries, HSNU students were paired with a Riordan student host from the Asian Students Association. Students attended Block 3 classes, followed by a social lunch.