Archbishop Riordan High School invites friends of Fr. Thomas Seagrave to a Mass of Remembrance on Saturday, December 15, 2018, marking the three years of his passing.

Mass Details
Saturday, December 15, 2018
1:00 pm, followed by a reception
Archbishop Riordan High School
Lindland Theatre
175 Phelan Avenue (Frida Kahlo Way), San Francisco, CA 94112

Please note there are many events happening at Riordan and City College on this day. We recommend that you park in the City College Lot that is adjacent to Riordan (please note signs for any fees). There is limited parking in Riordan’s back parking lot and on the surrounding streets.

Fr. Seagrave and the Saber es Poder Fund Featured in Catholic San Francisco Article

Even after Father Seagrave’s death, his followers continue to share stories, many on social media, about his remarkable life of service and his ability to help those around him develop a deep faith in God.

Fr. Seagrave was “the hardest-working priest I have known,” his friend John Moriarty said. “We can be proud of Father Seagrave for many reasons, and especially for his generosity in paying from his own resources tuition for many students in Catholic schools through the years.”

In a 2011 interview with Catholic San Francisco, Father Seagrave shared his desire to help others.

“In Catholic schools you think about God and Jesus Christ every day and Christian values are taught and modeled every day,” he said. “I have always regarded that as a blessing in my life that not everyone has. People sacrificed to make it available to me; I have tried over the years to do the same.”

Inspired by Father Seagrave’s vision, Riordan has also launched The Father Thomas Seagrave Fund – Saber es Poder (Knowledge is Power). The fund is modeled after a scholarship currently offered at University of San Francisco, and will support students with a demonstrated financial need who exemplify academic achievement, leadership, and the desire to impact their community through service. Although the fund is designed to support Riordan’s strong Latino population, which currently stands at 25 percent, it will be open to all deserving students who need tuition assistance.

“We have heard countless stories that Father Tom made the difference for so many students at St. Paul, St. Peter, Church of the Visitacion, St. John of God, and elsewhere,” said Riordan development director John Ring. “We are hoping that The Seagrave Fund will help continue his important work of supporting San Francisco students and their families who desire a Catholic education.”

The school previously honored Father Seagrave, a 1960 graduate of Riordan, with the 2011 Chaminade Award, the school’s highest honor. The school’s Chapel of the Assumption of The Blessed Virgin was renovated and renamed in Father Seagrave’s honor that same year.

Please click here to support The Seagrave Fund.