Members of The Crusader newspaper staff attended the National High School Journalism Conference in Anaheim at the end of May, and took home three writing awards and a very strong showing in the national journalism quiz bowl.

The Quiz Bowl Team of Owen Murphy, Harrick Wu, Steven Rissotto and Eddie Monares won their first and second competitions in the buzzer rounds, and lost by one point in round three, finishing fourth overall. Of note: This is the highest a Riordan team has ever finished in this competition.

In the writing competitions, Steven received an Honorable Mention in Commentary Writing for his piece on the banning of plastic straws; Harrick also received an Honorable Mention for his story on the pet sale ban; Eddie’s article on a para-Olympic athlete was deemed “excellent.” No other San Francisco school took home a writing award.

In addition, the students and moderator Susan Sutton presented a popular and well-attended session on writing headlines. Kudos to this team for their contributions to journalism excellence.