All Souls Remembrance

Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends,

The celebrations of All Saints Day and All Souls Day begin the month of November on a prayerful note as the Church calls to mind her deceased loved ones, and we celebrate in prayer the ways in which they continue to inspire and bless our daily lives.

On behalf of the Archbishop Riordan community, we invite you—alumni, parents, and friends of all faiths—to join with us in this prayerful remembrance. Please enter the names of your departed relatives and friends below and click submit. These names will be placed at the altar in our Chapel.

Beginning with the Feast of All Saints on November 1, and continuing throughout the month, we will remember your deceased family members and friends in our weekly Masses and prayers.

Almighty Father, source of forgiveness and salvation, grant that our relatives and friends who have passed from this life may, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of all the saints, come to share your Eternal happiness through Christ our Lord. Amen

Wishing you love, light, and blessings always,

Fr. John Jimenez
Archbishop Riordan High School

Andrew Currier
Archbishop Riordan High School

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If you would like to make an offering in memory of your loved one(s) please CLICK HERE and be sure to fill out the tribute information at the bottom of the page.